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Love Lunch - A Mindful Night's Sleep

Not only have numerous studies proven mindfulness to be an effective tool for reducing insomnia, even more studies have shown mindfulness to significantly reduce stress - undoubtedly one of the main causes keeping us awake at night.

Learn tips, techniques and healthy habits to help you sleep more soundly and ensure the sleep that you do get (even if limited) is the most restful and restorative it can be. Undoubtedly one of our most popular workshops and lead by Mindfulness and Sleep Psychology expert, Hope Bastine , this 60 minute session will include:

  • The Science of Sleep
  • Sleep-inducing lifestyle and dietary habits
  • Stress-busting strategies to help you switch off and sleep.
  • A guided sleep meditation, (which will be available for audio download).





What is Love Lunch

There is no better month than cold and dark January for free and interesting activities. Traditionally, Love Lunch takes place every September - due to high success rates, we are now venturing into an additional season, which is why on this occasion we call it Mini Love Lunch and it only stretches over 8 working days instead of an entire month: 22nd to 31st Jan.

Love Lunch is a series of free events taking place at lunchtime in London Bridge area. This is a Team London Bridge initiative that helps promote local businesses and attractions to local professionals whilst it encourages well-being and the importance of taking a lunch break.