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Finding Your Fire: A Four Elements workshop on writing and creativity

Drawing on the classical idea of the Four Elements, this workshop explores the symbolic power of Fire in our writing and creative process.

We’ll consider how Fire can:

  • sustain the creative energy of our writing practice, from initial spark to final draft

  • help to deepen the intention and draw out the theme within our writing

  • bring life to aspects of craft such as voice, dialogue and characterisation

  • not only fuel conflict but also critique its role in our stories

Brief preparatory exercises, including reading suggestions, will be circulated in advance, and further resources will be provided on the day and in follow-up notes. The emphasis during the day will be practical, and there will be plenty of exercises to fire up your writing and create passion and power in your storytelling.

This is one of four new workshops expanding upon the successful workshop Everyday Magic: The Four Elements of Creativity. Fire will be followed by Water (January), Earth (March), and Air (May). Each workshop can be taken alone, and will be of use to beginning or experienced writers of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Each day will also include a session with a special guest.

More information and tickets here.

Words Away, run by writer Kellie Jackson, aims to bring writers together in a creative environment to explore the writing process. We hold monthly salons at the Tea House Theatre Cafe, in London and host creative writing workshops at The Hive, London Bridge. Through our Salons we offer a focused exploration on a particular topic with a chance to exchange ideas and ask questions in a friendly setting.