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Everyday Magic: The Four Elements of Creativity

Would you like to add a spark of magic to your writing?

In this day-long workshop, we’ll energise our instincts as writers by working holistically with the four elements:

Fire – to power our voices and strengthen our intention

Water – to evoke feeling and connect with readers

Earth – to embody all the senses with detail and action

Air – to bring focus and structure to our stories

We’ll explore a variety of writing practices, inspirations, and departure points, including meditation, memory, fairy tales and the tarot. In doing so we’ll summon new powers to free our intuition, and bring depth, texture, and balance to our writing.

This workshop is designed for beginners in search of inspiration as well as experienced writers looking for fresh perspectives and new energy for their writing.

During the year 2019/2020 we will be taking the ideas in this workshop deeper in four new day-long creative writing workshops devoted to Fire (9 November), Water (January), Earth (March), and Air (May).

More information and tickets here.

Words Away, run by writer Kellie Jackson, aims to bring writers together in a creative environment to explore the writing process. We hold monthly salons at the Tea House Theatre Cafe, in London and host creative writing workshops at The Hive, London Bridge. Through our Salons we offer a focused exploration on a particular topic with a chance to exchange ideas and ask questions in a friendly setting.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

9:45 AM 5:00 PM

The London Bridge Hive

1 Melior Place, London, SE1 3SZ